Sunday, June 17, 2012

Moods matter- how to take control of yours

There are several ways to beat a bad mood and get positive. Here are some areas to consider and things to try to get out of a funk.

Foods and moods- Nourish your body and your mind 

Here are 20 foods to add to your diet today that can help improve your energy and your mood:

1. avocado
2. bananas
3. sunflower seeds
4. honey (quality)
5. spinach
6. greek yogurt
7. eggs
8. black eye peas
9. brazil nuts
10. chamomile
11. asparagus
12. oregano
13. salmon
14. cherry tomatoes
15. dark chocolate
16. oatmeal
17. swiss chard
18. mussels
19. lentils
20. turkey

*Whenever possible try to buy quality/ organic foods from places like your local farmer's market or grocery store.

Here is a youtube video below that goes more in detail, it focuses on diet and depression:

Colors and mood- People use colors all the time to make an impact or influence moods 

Here are some colors and their uses:

Purple: for calming, creativity
Blue: for calming, relaxing
Green: for harmony, clarity, calming
Yellow: for positivity, happiness
Orange: for energizing
Red: for passion, power, romance
Black: for power, elegance
White: for simplicity, purity, peace

Activities to improve mood- Staying active has been proven to release happy hormones, like serotonin, helping to keep negative emotions at bay

Release negativity or relax with these activities:

1. Get outside- natural light boosts serotonin levels.
2. Go for a nature walk or hike- work off some calories in the fresh air.
3. Go on a picnic with a friend and include some mood boosting foods.
4. Swimming- a good way to workout and relax.
5. Read a book- stimulate your brain and get your mind off of stressful thoughts.
6. Get plenty of sleep- lack of sleep is related to anxiety and depression.
7. Listen to upbeat or relaxing music- let it move you into a better mood, even try singing along.
8. Get organized- living in clutter is stressful, simplify your living space and your mind will rest easier.
9. Treat yourself to something special like a massage which will also help you to relax.
10. Write down and release your troubles in a journal- this will also show you negative patterns that you can work to break.
11. Challenge yourself- try something new like yoga or join a club.
12. Try Aromatherapy with herbs for relaxation, like lavender.
13. Challenge your negative thoughts and look on the bright side.
14. Take time for yourself. Don't let every day tasks and obligations take over all of your time.
15. Hug someone.

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