Monday, June 18, 2012


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An introduction to Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient traditional Chinese medicine method, that seeks to balance and restore the body's health through the insertion of small pointed needles into meridians or energy points on the body. The photo above illustrates a meridian map of the head where acupuncture points are shown as red dots. In the U.S.A. Acupuncture is considered an alternative medicine and is not generally covered by insurance. With growing popularity and positive results, Acupuncture is slowly gaining credibility in the modern medicine world. 

Here are a few websites related to acupuncture that go into more detail about methods and applications: 

Here is a video that introduces Acupuncture:

Here is an interesting video which shows Acupuncture in live thermography:


  1. My father is using acupuncture to help with his back. He had surgery last January. It has really helped him with handling pain and he is now able to walk up straight without his cane.
    I was amazed to learn about all the benefits of this practice.

  2. I have used it twice myself for different ailments and it worked amazingly! I would definitely do it again.